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Selling books about dying and death, bereavement and grief




  If you see a book you want to buy, you can order and pay for it on   this website using the ‘Pay Now’ button. You can use your PayPal   account or your credit card on its own. If you are a hospice, charity   or other group that prefers not  to use this method, please contact   us with a list of the books required. Let us know if you are a   member of a  local or national bereavement  group.


  If you have seen a book at an event we have attended and it is not   listed here, please ask as we may be re-ordering stock. You can   also ask us to search for a book if you know either its content or   author or title. If it is out of print, we may be able to obtain a second   hand copy for you.


  You can request a bookstall for your conference, training day or   special event. At these bookstalls, payment will be with cash or   cheque or by bank transfer using buyer’s phone. You can also take   books away from these events with an invoice for payment by   cheque or bank transfer within 30 days.

  Since 2000, Thanatos Books has provided bookstalls at   conferences and events organized by many groups, mainly in the   north of England such as: Liverpool, Hull, Leeds, York, Darlington,   Preston, Sheffield, Birmingham, Nottingham - but also St Albans   and London. The last time we could do this, in 2019, bookstalls  were for Child Bereavement UK, Leeds Bereavement Forum and  Association of Bereavement Service Co- ordinators.